Hot Cold Packs


Below you will find such things as hot/cold packs in both small and large form, neck warmers, door drafter snakes.  We have a variety of fabrics to choose from, however if a specific pattern or shape is required, a custom order along with deposit would be required.  Currently we have frog shaped hot/cold packs however new designs will be created for 2015 for work better for your shoulder and back areas.


Door Drafters
Door Drafters are great for your home depending on the time of year. We personally use them at the bottom of your cold storage door to keep the cold or the heat out depending whether it is summer or winter.  Door drafter can come with or without eyes.


Neck Warmers
Neck Warmers can be used for various reasons or areas of your body, just like our hot cold packs.  These ones are specifically sectioned into three parts so the barley doesn’t shift and stays where you want it.